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Q. Is there a lock-out?
A. At Fatima Sultan Hotel there is no lock out and curfew as well.

Q. Is there a curfew?
A. There is No Curfew and everyone can enjoy a Turkish Night in Galata, Sultanahmet and taksim area.

Q. What are check-in and checkout times?
Check In times is 1 P.M ( afternoon)

Check Out times is 11 A.M

Q. What methods of payment are accepted?
A. Cash Accepted with 3 currencies, Euro, Dollars and Turkish Lira.

2 major Credit Cards Accepted ( Visa and Mastercard )

Q. Are there parking facilities available?
A. Fatima Sultan Istanbul Hotel has a parking space availalbe for hotel guest, in front of the building and extra parking at Vica Guest House, 50 meter from The Fatima Sultan Istanbul Hotel.

Q. Where is the hostel located?
A. The Hotel location is in Major Street of Kucuk aya sofya mahallesi area and the address is kucuk aya sofya Caddesi no.59.

The hotel is across the street from Eresin Crown Hotel ( ******) and next to Taxi Station around Little Hagia Sofya Street.

Q. What is included in the price for a night?
A. All the prices included Breakfast, Hot tea and Coffee for our Hotel Guest.

Turkish breakfast comes with bread, butter, jam,seasoning olive, boil egg or omellet, cheese, cucumber and tomatoes.

Q. Do you have an Airport Pick up Service?
A. Yes, Fatima Sultan Hotel have a private services and public services.

The private service has a flexible hours and it is cost 25 Euro from Ataturk Airport and 50 Euro from Sabiha Airport.

for the public services, please take a look at the next Q& A.

Q. Can you provide a schedule and cost for Airport Shuttle Service ?
A. Yes, We can . The Ataturk Airport Shuttle Service pick up schedule are (from fatima Sultan Hotel to the Airport )
3;10 A.M , 5;40 A.M, 7;10 A.M, 10;40 A.M
12;40 P.M, 14;40 P.M, 16;10 P.M, 20:40 P.M

The cost per person is 5 Euro.

Q. What about a pick up service to Sabiha Airport?
A. SABIHA Airport Shuttle Service scheduled are:
00;10 A.M , 7;10 A.M, 8;40 A.M, 9;40 A.M
11;40 P.M, 12;40 P.M, 15;40 P.M, 19:10 P.M

The cost per person is 10 Euro.

Q. I booked a room at your hotel and I do not like the room, Can I change a different room?
A. Yes, The customer can get an up grade room as long as Fatima Sultan Istanbul & Vica Guest House rooms are available.

Fatima Sultan istanbul has a smaller size rooms than Vica Guest House. Fatima Sultan Istanbul building is bigger than Vica Guest House.
Customer has a choice preferences.

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